A Little Bit About Me.

We All Start Somewhere.

The Healing Power of Nature

I believe in the profound impact that the natural world has on our emotional wellbeing.

The Journey to Self-Discovery

I see calming practices and meditation as an exploration of our true self and personal growth.

The Universal Need for Rest

Understanding the need for rest, I dedicate myself to crafting experiences that promote rejuvenating sleep.

I'm Ralf Eisend


Hi there, I'm Ralf, an alpinist at heart and a fervent nature enthusiast. My passion for the great outdoors isn't just about the thrill of the climb; it's also about capturing the serene and healing sounds of nature's untouched beauty.

From the whispering winds atop distant peaks to the calming rush of hidden streams, I record these sounds in the most remote places on Earth, crafting them into soundscapes that nurture our emotional wellbeing.

My courses, celebrated for their effectiveness in promoting sleep, reducing stress, and enhancing meditative practices, reflect my journey and the profound peace nature offers us.

Join me in exploring these tranquil auditory experiences designed to soothe your soul and guide you into restful slumber.

This is My Story.


Transitioning from a corporate job to a life immersed in the symphony of nature has transformed me. It all started when I experienced a devastating loss - my career crumbled, health eluded me, and relationships suffered.

I found solace in the mountains, that are close to where I lived, but until then I had never given them much attention . The simple act of hiking and listening to the murmurs of nature sparked something inside me. I started nature sound recordings, created out of a desire to take the tranquility of nature home and share this experience with others.

My tales of adventure in the mountains resonated with many listeners of my podcast and I quickly became a beloved source of solace, offering comfort to those in need of a break.

My quest for serenity led me to the remote corners of our planet—from the rugged Atlas Mountains to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the spiritual heights of the Himalayas. It was in India, Nepal, and Tibet that I crossed paths with yogis and meditation masters, whose teachings on peace of mind deeply influenced my practice and my teachings.

Today, my courses, available in four languages, have touched lives across the globe, guiding people towards a restful night and a peaceful mind. My journey continues as I travel, learn, and share, committed to helping others find the tranquility that nature has shown me.

My Approach

The Sleeping Buddha method uniquely combines traditional meditative practices with advanced auditory science, and focuses on a 30-minute evening routine aimed at relaxation and reflection, preparing the mind for sleep.

It incorporates meditative practices like yoga nidra and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR).

This holistic approach includes serene nature sounds and the therapeutic use of Delta and Theta brainwaves to facilitate a gentle transition into sleep. This helps listeners to unwind and gently go to sleep.


Let Others Inspire You.

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