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Insomnia Treatments that work 

Stop losing sleep over insomnia!

'Your Guide to Better Sleep' is your essential first step to understanding and conquering sleepless nights. Don't get bogged down with endless Do's and Don'ts that barely scratch the surface. Dive into evidence-based treatments that actually make a difference.

From CBT-I to lifestyle changes, discover what truly works and start your journey to restful sleep today!

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Embrace Fearlessness 

Join me on this epic journey through the Himalayan mountains to find "The Warrior's Path" and discover the transformative power of ancient wisdom. Unlock your inner strength, embrace fearlessness, and learn how to manifest your dreams with the guidance of spiritual warriors. Join me on this empowering journey towards resilience and purpose. Begin your adventure now!

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A spiritual adventure 

"Crossing Tibet" is a harrowing escape of a Tibetan Lama through the wilderness of the Himalayas.
Join this true story about the life of a young boy, recognized as the reincarnated Lama and Abbot of the Surmang Monastery.
Follow his remarkable path, from enthronement as head abbot to a daring escape from Tibet amidst the Chinese invasion.
Explore the pristine teachings of Shamatha meditation, offering calm contemplation and inner strength.

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You will love these magical bedtime stories & sleep meditations.

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A Journey for Sleep and Relaxation

"Finding Rest in India" combines elements of nature, brainwave influence, music, meditation, relaxation exercises, and fantasy journeys to help you fall asleep easily.

Join me on my travel from the southern shores of Calcutta, along the Hooghly and Ganges Rivers, up to the majestic Himalaya Mountains in Nepal.

We meet yoga teachers, Buddhist monks, and Hindu yogis along the way to learn about calming meditations and sleep techniques. Immerse yourself in the soothing nature sounds and scientific insights and let me guide you on your path to restful sleep and inner tranquility.

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Release Stress & Anxiety

"The Kathmandu Retreat" is a course designed to provide immediate relief from emotional problems or relationship challenges. With this ancient Buddhist practice, you'll find solace from anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights caused by negative thoughts.

Uncover the power of this proven method, helping you recognize, accept, and release repressed emotions, fears, and stress

Join "The Kathmandu Retreat" and free yourself from emotional burdens.

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Improve your sleep quality with the Deep Sleep Program.
Our comprehensive online course provides step-by-step
instructions to fall asleep faster and sleep soundly through the night.

Get support and guidance to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

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