$489.00 USD


What you'll get:

  • 18 therapeutic modules with 42 lessons & practices. 
  • 9 lessons with facts about sleep.
  • 9 calming sleep exercises to let you fall asleep easily. 
  • It includes the most effective methods like Yoga Nidra, & Progressive Muscle Relaxation. 


  • 1-week meditation course with 8 lessons. Give it a try! This will lift your spirit & create a positive vibe when you're going to bed. 
  • 5 calming exercises for every day. These bring back the joy into your life!
  • Surprise present for you: 9 super relaxing bedtime stories for the best sleep of your life.

What People Are Saying:

The beautiful meditations with nature sounds help me fall asleep when I feeling restless.

Linda Mitsotakis

Clear recommendation for sleep problems, it helped me a lot!

Brian Anderson

That was sooooo relaxing! I'm trying to get more sleep after the COVID and all the stress. Thanks ❤️

Marion Leone

I fell asleep after a few minutes and woke up the next day. Wonderful!

Sue Webster